Tandem Rings in the New Year on The Clymb

Tandem photos have repeatedly been featured on The Clymb, a website dedicated to 72-hour sales on premium outdoor brands and adventure travel experiences. While there are many more spreads, some of our favorites can be seen below by photographers Jay Goodrich, Grant Gunderson, Louis Arevalo and Mohan Mali.

The Clymb

Check out TheClymb.com for outdoor apparel sales and more Tandem images daily! You can browse each photographers’ archive by clicking their names above.

Rob Sheppard on Bing Homepage

Tandem images on the Bing.com homepage now makes searching the web a unique and inspiring experience. Most recently,  photographer Rob Sheppard’s vibrant photo in Selva Verde, Costa Rica of a tree frog near red mushrooms has been featured.  Check Bing.com daily for a chance to see more works by Tandem photographers!

Bing - Rob Sheppard

Click here to see the original image, or click here to see all of Rob’s archive.

Dan Holz and Justin Bailie in November Issue of Prevention Mag

Tandem photographers Dan Holz and Justin Bailie’s yoga and campfire shots can be seen in the November issue of Prevention magazine. Dan’s morning yoga shot taken in Nepal can be found as the page 14 and 15 cover spread, while Justin’s campfire dusk shot in Glacier Bay National Park is on postscript page 156.

See Dan’s original shot on Tandem here or browse his archive here. See Justin’s original shot on Tandem here or browse his archive here.